Ready to Sell

Selling with Me

Have you wondered about the process of selling a home? Let me break it down!

1. Contact me for a Free Home Evaluation

This no-strings-attached appointment includes:

  • A walkthrough of your home
  • Discussion of a selling price range.
  • Tips on how to prepare and stage your home for listing.

2. List your home for sale

If you choose to sell your home with me and once your home is staged to sell, I come back for another visit to:

  • Set a contract with you and start the paperwork (all handled by me, taking that weight off of your shoulders)
  • Take measurements of the house.
  • Take pictures of your home.
  • Write a description for your home and create a listing on MLS® that is then shared to multiple partnered websites and on sponsored social media ads for a wider reach.
  • Schedule an open house and manage all showings — no need for you to take that on.

3. Negotiate offers

  • Keep pressure to a minimum by navigating the offers with me and settling on one you are comfortable with.

4. Accept an offer

  • Bask in the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I help to ensure the buyers are following through on their end, pursuing financing and scheduling a home inspection.

5. SOLD!

  • We get set up with a lawyer to complete final paperwork for the buyers to take possession.
  • Congratulatory high-fives all around!

What to Remember

When selling your home, here are my top tips I have noticed while in the industry:

  • A clutter-free home is best. Staging makes a world of difference when selling.
  • Proper pricing is key. Listing your home too high may mean it takes longer to sell, but listing too low can result in you losing on value. It’s all about finding that happy medium.
  • You’re allowed to say no. Just because someone makes an offer doesn’t mean you have to take it. Don’t feel pressured into taking less.