Looking to Buy

Buying with Me

Ready to buy your new home but not sure how to start? Here is what buying a home with me looks like:

1. Give me a call.

  • I’d love to get you started on your search.
  • Get a referral to a financial advisor to see what you are preapproved for.

2. Decide on what you are looking for in a home.

  • I’ll ask you some questions to help narrow down the home you want (budget? Bedrooms? Garage? We’ll figure it out.)
Buying A House Jen Student Grande Prairie

3. Come with me to some viewings.

  • I book all of your viewings (for a time that works best for you, of course).
  • The limit does not exist! We’ll go to as many viewings as you need to find the perfect home, so take your time.
Buying a Home Jen Student Grande Prairie

4. Make an offer.

  • Paperwork is all handled by me to protect you and keep you comfortable.

5. Your offer is accepted.

  • Back to the financial advisor!
  • Let’s find a home inspector to make sure nothing was missed during your viewing.

6. You’re now a HOMEOWNER!

  • We finalize some paperwork with lawyers.
  • Final walkthrough of the home (oooo’s and aaaaa’s included)
  • Hand off the keys to your new home, followed by congratulatory fist bumps.

What to Remember

When buying a home, here are a few important points to remember:

  • Understand your search criteria. Narrowing down what you want, from style to location, gives a better starting point and makes your search less daunting.
  • Take your time searching. Pictures online can be very different than when you are viewing the home in person. Take your time to look at homes.
  • You have control over the offer. You created a budget you are comfortable with. If a seller isn’t helping you to come to an agreement, you can walk away from the offer.